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Our founder, Elizabeth Robar, grew up wanting to be a Bible translator. God sent her into academics instead. Now she knows why.

The world of Bible translation needed biblical scholars with a foot in multiple words: scholarship, Bible translation, digital humanities, business, and teaching. Scriptura (formerly known as Cambridge Digital Bible Research) was founded by Elizabeth in 2020 in Cambridge, UK, to build a team that could begin bridging the gap between splendidly isolated biblical scholarship and those translators and other interpreters who need the results.

A remarkable convergence

The right people at the right time. Katie Frost (SIL) saw the need, Elizabeth Robar (Cambridge) built the exegetical method to meet it, Ryan Sikes (SIL and Scriptura) carried out the analysis, Nikki Muston (Seed Company) pioneered taking it to the field, and Hannah Clardy (Scriptura) documented it. Many others played crucial roles all along the way.

A team of worldwide experts

Bible translation, academic biblical and theological studies, and digital humanities, we aim to free biblical scholarship from its box. We serve interpreters and translators of the Bible by bringing them into robust discussion with the best of biblical scholarship and equipping them to hear the message of Scripture.



Cambridge Digital Bible Research (CDBR) was founded in Cambridge, UK


Created the Psalms: Layer by Layer concept and generated content for Psalms 1-6


Field-tested Psalms: Layer by Layer and developed content for Psalms 7-15


Expanded Psalms: Layer by Layer workshops and produced content for 20 Psalms. We changed our name from CDBR to Scriptura to give people a better idea of what we are doing.


Increased exegetical team to 20, structured for growth; created content for 30 Psalms.


Plan to complete Psalms: Layer by Layer content for all 150 Psalms


Established as the go-to exegetical resource used by the majority of the BT world

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