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All people should be equipped to understand Scripture and to see God for themselves.


We provide visual and accessible resources of scholarly quality that enable the global church to engage with Scripture.


We are a community of believers who:

  • strongly sense God’s calling (clear mission)
  • take the text of Scripture seriously (respect for God’s Word)
  • execute our tasks with rigor (diligence for excellence)
  • love each other deeply (authentic community)
  • serve the global church (making global scholarship accessible to all)

Value Proposition

We equip people to see God for themselves when they read Scripture. We believe we can help by making exegesis accessible and available to all.

Therefore, Scriptura resources are trustworthy (Biblically based), well-researched, comprehensive (layered), and rigorously exegetical (reliable).


Our first major project is Psalms: Layer by Layer, which is currently underway. It will provide exegetical, poetic, and overview presentations for every chapter of Psalms.

Our primary end-users are the translation consultants, advisers, and front-line Bible translators of the Book of Psalms into languages without a translation.

In our first three years, we have completed exegesis and video resources for 41 Psalms. We have expanded our team to 20 employees (full and part-time) and ten seconded missionaries. This includes a disciplined team of young exegetes working together. We also have a network of volunteer theologians around the world speaking on this project.

We have conducted ten training programs and workshops for the Bible Translation community.

Currently, our biblical scholars can complete 20 Psalms per year. By increasing the number of scholars, we aim to complete 30 Psalms in 2024. Then, in subsequent years, as we grow our scholar team, we can complete the Psalms and begin to work on other books of the Bible that use Hebrew poetry.
This will improve the quality and speed of translating biblical Hebrew poetry.

Before the end of 2026, we seek to

  • Complete Overview, Poetic Features, and Exegetical Issues videos for all Psalms
  • Include Scriptura materials within Paratext, the standard translation software
  • Provide materials used in active translations on all continents
  • Conduct multiple facilitator training workshops
  • See our materials used in Bible translation schools

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