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Prayer is the lifeblood of our work

We desperately need God’s guidance in everything we do at Scriptura. We are grateful for those of you who can come around us and engage in the area of regular prayer for our projects, people, and purpose.

Prayer requests

  • Pray that God brings us the right team members, whether they are employees,
    contractors, or volunteers.
  • Pray that God gives us wisdom, insight, and clarity as we embark on each day’s work interpreting and explaining the Psalms.
  • Pray for unity among our team and a commonality of purpose.
  • Pray that our work may be useful for Bible translation teams and those seeking to
    engage with scripture.
  • Pray that God will give us the funding we need to operate at the high level He has
    called us to.

Specific prayer requests for this week:

  • We need God's wisdom as we transition to a new business operating system (EOS). See newsletter for more information.
  • We need the Lord's help keep us focused on the right priorities.
  • Praise the Lord that the training of new exegetical scholars is going well.
  • Prayer for the scholars who are balancing additional schooling with their work for Scriptura.
  • Praise the Lord for rejuvenating time with family and friends.
  • Prayer for a meeting this week with potential funding partners.
  • Our software team needs the Lord's wisdom to determine the best way to equip our scholars.
  • Prayer for those who are traveling, for safety and health.

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