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We need help understanding Hebrew Poetry to create a translation that is worthy of the Lord.

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Scriptura is a team of scholars who make world-class biblical exegesis accessible to all, helping people see God for themselves through His Word.

Accurate, clear, faithful, and natural Scripture translations are crucial for an eternal impact. They enable people to understand God’s Word, grow, mature, and multiply. As we strive to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission, the urgency to complete these translations is growing. However, it's important to note that poor or incomplete Bible translations can hinder the long-term growth and impact of churches.

This is especially true of the book Jesus and New Testament authors quoted most often, the Psalms (79 times). Why is this most desired Old Testament book so difficult to translate? With its intricate structure and nuanced language, Hebrew poetry poses a significant challenge. It typically takes over three years to complete and check a quality Psalms translation.

We understand your desire to get Bible translation right. That’s why our biblical scholars provide Psalms resources designed specifically for local translators who have little formal training in Hebrew. Using Psalms: Layer by Layer simultaneously reduces the time required and increases the quality of Psalms translations.

Translators' response to using Psalms Layer by Layer has been very positive. They appreciate the visual outlines that clearly depict the key structural, rhetorical, and emotional features of the Psalms. In fact, one translation team completed the first draft of Psalms 1 without a single error, a testament to the effectiveness and reliability of our videos.

If you want to invest your giving for lasting impact and know that Psalms are integral to a language community's emotional and spiritual health, please consider partnering with us in this crucial project. Over 1,000 language groups will be translating Psalms over the next decade. With your help, we can complete the exegetical resources for the entire book of Psalms by the end of 2026, giving translators and consultants the confidence to achieve their goals in about half the time.

The Psalms: Layer by Layer is absolutely the best analysis in exegetical method, linguistic research, and scholarship on the Psalms and provides the best resources and tools to help not only translators but a wide variety of students and scholars interpret the Psalms.

Peter J. Gentry, Ph.D. University of Toronto, Senior Professor, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Give translators something visual. We want to see a chiasm. And give us colors!

Bronwen Cleaver, SIL Translation Consultant and Scripture engagement worker

Scriptura’s expert team uses new forms of exegetical analysis (whilst still grounded in existing findings) and presentation of research results to serve the Bible translation world.

Andy Warren-Rothlin, Global Translation Advisor, United Bible Societies

My Hebrew class was raving about Psalms: Layer-by-Layer today! One student said, 'It's the kind of information I’ve always wished a commentary would give.’

Phil King, Ph.D., London School of Theology and Senior Linguistics Consultant for SIL

I love how Psalms: Layer by Layer makes understanding each Psalm more accessible, allowing translation teams to go as deep as they wish to go, but not requiring a Ph.D. to understand the basic materials and derive a thoughtful translation that captures the beauty of the poetry.

Holly Younghans, Director, bible Translation Programs, Seed Company

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